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Archive for May, 2011

The Honest Kitchen Re-Launches its Trial Size Packaging

May 12th, 2011

The Honest Kitchen has recently released it’s newly designed trial size boxes of food; to replicate the full size, eco-friendly boxes for which the company is known.

“The size and dimensions of our new trial sizes have been designed with the canned-food customer in mind,” stated Lucy Postins, the company’s founder. “We really want to help stores promote the versatility of our products and we’re expecting that many stores will situate our new trial size boxes in the canned food aisle to introduce The Honest Kitchen as a whole food alternative to canned food. The trial size boxes also work well next to freezers to complement a raw food diet.”

Animal Essentials Earns National Certified Organic Status

May 12th, 2011

Animal Essentials Inc. Receives Organic Certification

Animal Essentials Inc., a manufacturer of natural animal supplements based in Victor, Montana has recently been granted an Organic Handler Certificate by the Montana Department of Agriculture, allowing the company to use the USDA National Organic seal on qualifying products. To qualify for the certificate, companies must complete a lengthy and intensive process by which they must demonstrate a willingness and ability to comply with USDA’s National Organic Program Standards. The standards are in place to assure that they will properly process, label and store organic products.

“Our decision to pursue organic certification is motivated by a growing audience of consumers that want the same quality for their pets that they demand for themselves and their families,” states Animal Essentials president, Greg Tilford, “The program requires us to verify and maintain the quality and cleanliness of any organic ingredient we use— from the field where it is grown to finished product.”